|Artwork by Clark E. Bettenhausen|

The Brandy Hooker Special

The  Brandy Hooker Special

Considering I was a Nebraska Farm Boy, tractor pulling was your sport.  I started in 1976 with a 355 Chevy stroked small block.  This was known as the Blue Angel and what a learning curve it was.  From the Blue Angel over the years to the Brandy Hooker Special.  I built at least 20 different frame's and style's. The front engine to the rear engine I tried it all, so it seemed. Usually taking about a week to complete, working in the farm shop day and night. The Brandy Hooker was different, it took over a year to design and build, so it was "special". 

It was well worth the effort the Brandy Hooker Special was well known from South Dakota to Arkansas and in between. My final engine was a "572 cu." blown Rodeck pumping out 1,600 HP. My tire speed was approximately 185mph @ 7500 RPM. With family and friends we traveled a lot, enjoyed a lot of good people and had some fun.  

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for looking at my site!