|Artwork by Clark E. Bettenhausen|

This site was created to show off the creations of Master Industrial Artist, Clark E. Bettenhausen.  Please feel free to browse around.  
We hope you enjoy the "ride"!
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    4/7/2014 - Check out the article in Motorcyle Rider News!
11/27/2012 - Friend us on Facebook!
11/27/2012 - The latest Masterpiece "Iron Horse" has made the The Fort Morgan Times!
11/27/2012 - New page updates include "Iron Horse" and "Sand Pile".  Be sure to check them out!
  9/24/2012 - Be sure to check out the
NEW Conveyor page!
12/21/2011 - Check out the new video on "The Brandy Hooker Special".
  9/26/2011 - GodsRide.com is LIVE!
  9/25/2011 - Gypsies Ride is on TV!

Iron Horse

Gypsies Ride

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